“Andy was instrumental in achieving our creative goals”
“His jib work and creative suggestions added value to
the overall look.”
“He was very professional…”
“…exceeding our expectations…”
“I would not hesitate to recommend Andy to anyone…”

- James O'Keeffe, Award Winning DP/Director

“Andy Jagerson is a find…”
“…intensive quality camera work”
“providing a sense of momentum and strength into the overall creative process”
“Andy is respectful and gracious…”
“(He is) able to handle intense personalities on set”
“provided… some of the most beautiful jib work…”
“…raising the bar of the overall production”
“a higher professional standard”

- Lisa Miosi, Producer

“Andy is a true pro…”
“He's there when you need him”
“works hard with a great attitude”
“He gets awesome results”
“I plan on using him for future productions”

- Andrew Wahlquist – Director

“Andy is talented and hard working”

- Randy Hodges, Owner, BurningFoxes

“Andy is a class act.”
“He really added a great feel to our set”
“(He) gave us lots of great footage.”
“He is very flexible on helping get the best shots.”
“I highly recommend Andy Jagerson for any jib/crane shots.”
“He's the best!”

- David A.R. White, Director/Producer,
“Holy Man Undercover”

“…an incredibly positive experience.”
“He's easy to get a long with”
“(He) knows his equipment inside and out”
“…brings good energy to the set.”
“The set-up was quick and his operation was extremely skillful.”
“His jib shots were the best stuff we captured all day!”

- Jesse Eisenhardt, Director of Photography,
“Long Distance Relationship”

“Andy’s years of experience adds comfort to any shoot”
“when you need equipment to work and be up and ready on time.”
“(He) makes complicated shots a breeze”
“…his personality make the long hours enjoyable.”
“It’s always a relief to know that I have Andy on set”

- Antelmo Villarreal , Producer/ Coordinator ,
Right Mind Express


IATSE Local 600 Cinematographers Union

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