About The Jib Guy

Andy Jagerson seemed to always have a video camera with him growing up. His parents bought one early on and supported his interest while he would create videos and shorts. He soon landed himself in a 4-year university film school and continued to hone his skills, and knowledge of theory. He has now had almost 15 years of professional production experience. He started in the camera dept. as an assistant on film projects, as well as in lighting. Always having an interest in the camera, he would look for every opportunity to watch and learn from many award-winning DPs, including Eduardo Serra, Janusz Kaminski, Jerzy Zielinski, James O’Keefee and Darren Rydstrom, to gain skill in his craft.

Seven years ago he began focusing on his pursuit of camera operating full time and has taken advantage of many opportunities to DP projects himself. During that time he also gained an appreciation and interest in the art of camera crane operating. For the past 3 years he has transitioned into this side of the business and now owns 2 Jimmy Jib cranes. He has gained valuable experience from some of the best in the trade by watching the likes of Award winning operators, Mark Koonce and Scott Acosta, as well as under the encouraging continual tutelage of his mentors, crane operators Paul Ripley and Jack Hodgkins.
Andy now lives in Diamond Bar, California with wife, Brooke, who stays home to care for their two boys, Dean (3) and Charlie (1).

Having experience with crane operating in formats from 35mm to HD, and worked on feature films, music videos, high-end commercials, concerts, and TV productions, with clients such as Dreamworks SKG, Warner Bros. Pictures, Newline Cinema, Fox Searchlight, Jerry Bruckheimer Television, Fox Network, Sony Pictures Television, CBS Sports, Fox Sports, and MTV. With his history as a DP and camera operator, you can trust he will have the eye to get the shots you want. He has a great attitude and will work hard for your production. He’s known for always going that extra mile to collaborate with your team to raise the production value of your project.


IATSE Local 600 Cinematographers Union


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